Two charts, 5862 bets

Hi guys!
Here are my results, 2 charts because I started a new logbook after xls sheet update in December.

As you can see, results are really good, but I have been struggling lately. Reason is all of the soft books dried up and I introduced a lot of new sharp ones. I did less betting lately, more studying of the results and I think I came up with a solution to beat them, we’ll see how it went when I post my results again. Negative side is there will be a lot more work, as I can’t just bet without thinking like before.


Good luck, almost no loss.

Hello Mario,

Would it be possible for you to share your xls data please ? :slight_smile:

ValuebettingLogBook181211.xlsx (830.5 KB)
Hey, a thread is quite old, but here is complete 1st chart, all bets are as valuebetting software recommended.
Second file data is skewed because I was left with sharp books only, so I was testing various, more precise ways to determine probability. I think I made OK progress, but I play poker as my primary gambling profit source and can’t make time for valuebetting. I had a dream I could study in gto solvers while vb is on but it happened to be just too much multitasking for me.

Nevertheless, I’m very curious what will the second “true odds” bookie be in new valuebetting pro and I’m definitely going to check it out. My guess is either 3et or Betfair (but liquid markets only).


Hi Mario,

I’m new to valuebet, can you give me the most basic settings that could generate a safe return?

For example, how many bookmakers, name of the bookmakers, which sports, stake size, etc, etc.

Look forward. TQ so much !

I think you can’t miss with 30% kelly, 1% max bet.
Regarding bookmakers, as a beginner, I would avoid sharps completely.
So, no Pinnacle, no betting exchanges, no brokers, no asians and don’t bet American sports @ offshores (betcris, betonline, 5dimes and their sister books).

Thanks for your response. At the beginning can I just use these 3 books below to achieve a 30% ROI/mth?
betcris, betonline and 5dimes.

I know I’m repeating myself, but just to be sure - avoid US sports with those bookies. You can bet the rest, but the most of valuebets will be with 5dimes. Yes, you will find a few with cris and betonline, but they adjust their odds faster, so you’ll have to be quick.
I guess you’re from US or Australia… as you picked offshores only… I don’t think they are the best choice for a beginner, it would be better to start with old school soft European bookies.
To answer your question about 30% ROI/mth, I don’t know. Valuebets with cris and betonline won’t have huge edge, it depends how much time will you invest.

Thanks for your response. There are a few questions below b4 I start:

1 Can you just name the best soft bookmakers to use for valuebets for beginners?
2 How many bookmakers should I use to achieve the best odds.
3 What’s the suggested Startup capital?
4 And Do I need to divide the capital equally for each bookmaker?

Look forward. Thanks Mario!

I think this list is OK, most users report bet365 as most profitable:

After that, you can check this out and milk the clones of recommended bookies available in your country:

Impossible to answer other questions, it will be your individual choice. Maybe you could start with top 3 bookies and see if valuebets from those are too much for you. If not, add another one and repeat experiment.
And yeah, definitely don’t put too much of your roll in Marathonbet, 10% max. They will limit you after few bets anyway.

Hi Mario
For avoiding US sports at 5 dimes, do you mean AM football, basketball, hockey and baseball in US, or the four sports in general even held in other coutries?```
I’ve found the results of value bets at 5 dimes vary hugely from day to day, quite difficult. Any more suggestions for 5 dimes for us to be profitble?
Many thanks!
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