Unibet - restricted account very soon

I had fresh new account
Yestreday I made only 7 bets from 18:00-19:00

today I made first bet, and account is limited (stake approval required)

last time, my unibet account last for at least 5 days and they limited it … now ? less than 12h

I am very suspicious about that, that it’s because URL contains automatic bet placing (?coupon=single|2887242844|20|replace)

what do you think ?

I was limited after a few bets as well, just a few days ago. However, I dont use the link. I will search for the bets on the phoneapp, normally.

Hope this helps

is it your first limited unibet account ?
what do you think, why were you limited ? how can we avoid limiting ?

Well I guess it is the odd matches placements it notices - But i dont know :wink: