Using multiple computers on one account?

Hej kan jag köra på flera datorer med ett abonnemang?

Hej! Du kan använda RebelBetting, ValueBetting eller MatchedBetting på flera datorer, men inte samtidigt på samma användare. Läs här för mer info:

Om du har möjlighet, skriv gärna på Engelska när du postar i forumet så att andra också kan ta del av det du skriver.

English translation:
“Can I use RebelBetting products on different computers with one account?”

-You can use RebelBetting products on different computers. Just not logged in with the same user at the same time. Please read this FAQ for details:

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Is it possible to add synchronization between computers?
Now I should remember my bets to avoid duplication.

Unfortunately it’s stored locally at the moment for the Windows version. The web version will handle this when it’s released.

Ok. Thank you. When web version will be available?

Very soon! :slight_smile: We will announce the web launch here on the community, so stay tuned! And make sure to check your mail inbox regularly for more updates.

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