Valubetting web version doesnt update results of the bets


I have been having these problems few weeks now. I log my bets normally and web version doesnt update results so my bets are on pending mode. I dont use software version. Also it doesnt update any of results (im playing around 6 bookmakers atm).

Curenntly they have been pending 2 days. Last time it lasted 1 day and updated.
Before this longest time that they havent been updated is 6 days in a row.

How I can fix this or is the problem on my side? My friend said his web version is updating normally.

here is also screenshot of last bets. Like you can see some of them are from yesterday. I just took screenshot of last of bets. currently i have pending over 40 pieces
[screenshot removed for privacy]

We will investigate this. Hopefully just a temporary glitch. If we have the match results we will update your log book automatically in a few days. Thanks for having patience.

Check your bet tracker now, should be resolved.