Value betting App and Betting Exchanges

Hi, I was looking for the value betting pc app. Do you have suspended it? I wanted to see some value bets on betting exchanges as they are not present on the web version. Do you plan on adding them too , as there are many oportunities there also.

Btw please check the bet365, as the redirect links to the betting page is broken for a long time now…

Thank you

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Unfortunately, we can’t provide deep link to the event at the moment. We’re looking at ways to improve this. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Support for exchanges are coming in the web version. Stay tuned to our newsletter to be notified when it’s available.

If deep linking is not possible you could try a script that paste on the bet365 search the team name so the search becomes easier and less timeconsuming, till you find a workaround for deep linking…