Value Betting Starter since 2 Weeks

Hello Everyone,
Im Betting since 2 weeks now
First week was going crazy but now im nearly to zero profit
Did no changes on Filters or anything
Anyone else had a Bad week ?

I had a great week…

Just don’t think about the weeks that much, just keep going and get as many bets as you can in. You will have bad and good weeks, but overall it will go up.

I think I’m having a “bad” week, haven’t been in profit this week and lost a little bit yesterday but I think it’s coming more level now.

Bit hard to tell really, I don’t really think about it. I just go on, put a load of bets on, see how much I’m up or down at the end of the day and then put a load more bets on the next day. I haven’t withdrawn anything and spent it either, I’ve just used it to put more bets on at a time.

It really is just like casino bonuses, so if you’ve done that before it makes it a bit easier to deal with the downswings. I can get far more value bets on in a day than casino offers though, so it makes the most of the limited time I have available.

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