Valuebetting - no limit

Who doesn’t limit users other than

  • BetInAsia
  • Sportsmarket
  • 3et

Pinnacle don’t show since that is used to calculate value.
Sbobet do limit somehow either with lower odds or stake on winning players

Betfair or any other exchange.
Beware that Orbit Exchange does increase their commission (usually to 6+%) if you end up being a winner player making them useless.

betinasia doesn’t limit? SERIOUSLY? I’ve been thinking of signing up to them as they have so many value bets, but really? they don’t limit??

betinasia doesnt limit. they are just a broker. however the liquidity in the market determindes how much u are able to bet. so in big markets u will be able to bet really big (like EPL).
on chineese 3rd division or any small market, u will only be able to bet small amounts.