Valuebetting on "sportmarket / molly - asian book. SBO etc."

Hi, im new user.

Please someone has experience with value betting with “rebel” on / so with IBC , SBO , Pinnacle, betfair etc. - So NO european bookies only “asian”.

If this combination is longterm + ? How many bets per day / week can be placed ?

I have 1100 bets on SBO ovet 1.5 months and 1 % yield.

1% Max bet and 30% Kelly

I recently changedy strategy to bet only 3 hours prior to event to achieve lower volatility.

I would estimate something around 0.5-1% yield is possible from Sharps. Lets see again after 10000 bets

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This is quite low isn’t it?
Are you able to get higher average stake to compensate with low yield ?

I do not think it is possible to get too much More than 1% from Sharps.

You can get in around 13 - 300 € per bet for not so popular markets and thousands on main stream markets.

This is far away interesting limits environment

I was getting average 20k volume turnaround monthly on bet365 with 5eur average stake

Guess handling average 10eur bet on similar number of bets and got 40k average monthly volume. Sure not so great 1% but in some how interesting

so you think it is useless to use broker account like mollybet for value betting?