ValuePro worth it for UK customers?

Have any UK customers had any early impressions of the new product? Are there many odds in Betfair/Smarkets? Is it even worth it without any UK-compatible-brokers? Except (As AsianConnect aren’t supported)

I ask myself the same question
a 15-day trial period
would be a good condition of sale
in order to test the value pro software on Betfair/Smarkets

We are working on adding Asianconnect! Stay tuned for future updates. :smiley:

Early impressions are v good for me. I’ve been averaging less than 5 bets per day for a while up until release of pro version, massive increase in volume with only Betfair Smarkets Pinnacle 188bet 3et BETISN enabled on my filters (using asianconnect for the latter 4).

Ah ok. They told me they were not offering 188 and BETISN at the moment. They didn’t give any reason. Have you still found them useful? Bet365/Coral and 10bet keep me going but I dread the day bet365 shut up shop on that account!

No don’t bother if you can only use Smarkets and Betfair. The only bets that generate a profit are the 1x2 football and there’s hardly any of these. Loads of AH bets but they generally lose driving your profit through the floor. Waste of money for the Pro version.