Variance and yield!

hello everyone! quick question! yesterday i had the worst day since i start valuebetting! my question is: i saw somewhere good bettors have between 2 and 5% yield, so this means they dont place all the bets avaiable in the software? do you guys select your bets or just place all bets avaiable according to your presets? if so shouldnt we all have the same stats?

I also had a terrible day yesterday and whole March has been the worst month since I started. All my profit has been obliterated. Down below zero again. :triumph: praise the bonuses that keep me floating. To be honest I only have 2 profitable months out of 5. However those two were really good and I explain that with variance and expect to win in the long run.
But however for your questions. I do bet everything that appear when I am at the computer. In the really long run we should get the same results. But in a shorter time it can differ.
It depends on several things. Of course the settings, which bookies and therefore which games that apear. And also if we don’t sit at the computer at the same time we perhaps do not catch the same matches. And so on
Shortly, in the short run it is a bit of luck involved.
But I am like you considering if I should put some other analysis in to how to pick which games to bet on in order to minimize downswings.

Hope I helped some with this answer.

yeah i found sometimes beting asian handicap 0 on the worst teams dont makes much sense to me and i avoid those! or handicap +1 when the best team has odds of 1,1 etc! maybe i should bet anyway since supposedly has value!

If you calculate the compound profits of a 3% yield, just placing 500 bets per month for example, you will understand why this will make for a fantastic ROI :slight_smile: