Variance can be too on your side. Important that still without limits


How long before the game do you usually bet?
Does switching between 6-12 or 24 hours make that much of a difference in your opinion?
Awesome streak nonetheless!

usually 3 hours before match exceptionally 6 hours before match

I see your average odds be 2.54, so that high variation is to be expected, upsides or downsides-does not matter. So now prepare for downfall as it will correct itself at some point…

800 bets more and still without variance down

I see…
Me personally do not see difference if it is up or down. I will prefer more frequent crossings of EV line than this. Many people have the same but on the downside…Anyways after many more bets it will come to EV
Have you made any withdrawals yet ?

How do you manage your account? I have enough bankroll but cannot figure how to place and get those big turnover

On 1 name, i bet max at $100 per match, after limit and switch account, got limited after 3 days bet @$60max per match


Добрый день! Пождскажи пожалуйста, как выставляешь фильтры. Заранее спасибо! Если не секрет.

What broker you used and how many bets placed /day? Also did the bets where all the same amount?