Was doing great until today

Consistently had outperformed my CLV for the most part and kept my bankroll steady growing. Was at about 35-52% ROI over 2,000 bets.

2% min value, -300 to +200 odds, 16 hours til match start.

Spent $1,000 on the RB yearly sale, then lost a minimum of $700 today.

Definitely a depressing day. Was worried about whether or not I was going to clear a deposit bonus in time. But I likely lost all my money from two books today. Assuming the rest of the day finishes up as miserable as it started, Ill be taking a break for probably a month.

Can’t really picture picking myself up tomorrow and just dusting off a $2,000 loss in one week and getting back on the saddle. Yea, yea, volume this and that.

$2,000 is a lot of money.

Downswings suck. However, it is important to look at the big picture.

Your Yield is actually still larger than your CLV:

It might be easier to handle the downswing you experienced as a correction to your profit’s regression to the mean and not that you lost xyz dollars.

Easier said than done, I know. Having played poker in the past, I know variance can be absolutely brutal. But I also still get affected by it every now and then.

My best advice for you is to hang in there. All variance will even out. Don’t see your value betting bankroll as real money. Instead, see it as a tool for your money making machine. And if you still feel sick about a downswing; lower your stakes. And if that doesn’t work, put your money in a savings account with some interest. You should feel good about making money with value betting, not bad when the inevitable downswings come.

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No thanks. Money is definitely money. Sorry.

Again. 1200 profit less $1300 for subscription fees means im negative lol.

Yes, but you do have a subscription that is valid until June -23.