What are we paying for?


I don’t mean to be unkind, but you clearly can’t handle that many bookies.

BET365 - currently shows 99% of incorrect bets, the odds are different or there are no odds at all (only over under in basketball works).

888sports - for over a month or more not a single bet has appeared, I have even written about it on the forum - no one has deigned to reply.

1xbit - every weekend there have been problems for 5 or 6 months, today from the very morning not a single valuebet appeared - explaining that it is a problem on their side is ridiculous, because no competitive valuebet search engine has such problems and delivers valuebets on a regular basis.

I really like your site and I am a regular subscriber, but adding a lot of new bookmakers at the expense of neglecting the old, good sites is wrong

In addition, for some people playing valuebet is the only source of income, we treat it as a full-time job. You have to understand that every delay of this type is a waste of our money. I would definitely rather pay more for better quality and stability.


I find it really unfortunate that I didn’t even get an answer when I asked Coolbet.

I use mainly bet365 and place 130/140 bets a day on average and almost every odd is correct

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Me too, but something was broken today and it didn’t work properly

Too many odds today especially at bet365 wrong

I agree. Too many incorrect odds today

I agree, should take care and more precisely

New user here, is it like this all the time? I had numerous bets available for me for Friday but since then I haven’t had 1 bet? This makes no sense as the weekend are the busiest times for games.