What if the soft moves first?

Hi community, I am sorry to use “soft” as the title, but if we are betting on sharp vs pinnacle so i think we believe the target is softer than pinnacle (even if the site is categorized as sharps)

My question is, how if the pinnacle line does not move? the move from the target site making an opportunity for us to bet (while pinnacle odds are stable)
pinny offer: 1.90/1.90
3et offer: 1.87/1.87

then 3et change its line to 2.00/1.80

is this kind of bet is still reliable? how if this move is the sharp money?

Do you have a mollybet-style account like vodds, 3et, sportmarket etc? i think u have to check the limits. Value betting in sharp books is only possible IF THE SHARP BOOK HAS VERY SMALL LIMITS THAT SMART PUNTERS DIDN’T WANT TO BET ON THEM AND BET ON ALL THE OTHER SHARPS. SBO and IBC are typical example nowadays, as they have 100 eur or less in early limits.

this is make sense
so, you mean if SBO accepting higher limit on sportmarket and they moving the lines. its more likely they are doing sharp move?

When u see most of other sharps moved, and one didn’t, while that one has a smaller limit. Then that one is likely to have some value. Don’t expect much tho

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