What VPN for Bet365 and Unibet?

I use UK Bookies.

I now live in Spain so a VPN Is a must.

I have two so far but not one that does all which is a real pain.

Only one i have found that Bet365 works with is a dedicated IP Service from Torguard and is perfect for Bet365, trouble is, UNIBET does not work on it.

Has anyone found a VPN that will do both?

I use Nord VPN For Unibet and all the other bookies that I use but it is a pain having to turn one off and start the other when a certain Bet pops up


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I also heard that VPN Express works with Bet365 (with dedicated IP). I think they should have some trial offers…? Send their support a message and ask.

Thanks, i have used them before but not with a dedicated IP. Will take another look,


I would try ProtonVPN