Where do you place your bets?

The mobile version offers fantastic flexibility when it comes to when and where you can bet.

Today I went out and about with the kids on a bike ride to a nearby lake. While they poked in the sand/grass I placed a value bet.

So, where do you place your bets with the mobile version? :slight_smile:


Hmm, don’t know if I should… but whatever, this is between us, yeah? :slight_smile:

Did a valuebet a couple of weeks ago on the treadmill when doing interval sprints. That was interesting to say the least. Quite difficult when having 170ish pulse.

I’ve also placed a valuebet at Unibet at the same time their Chief Product Officer held a panel debate at a conference I attended this year in London. That was fun! :slight_smile:

But probably the most noteworthy valuebet I’ve placed was at our unborn baby’s ultrasound a few weeks ago. My wife knows about it so I’m not getting into trouble telling this haha!

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That is the real value of this mobile app. I travel more than 50% of my time for work. I was in front of my PC last week a total of about 2 hours. How can someone one place hundreds of trades a week if bondaged to a desktop? Thanks for the mobile app and its continual improvements.


Half past midnight. Northern Sweden. Almost as bright as daytime. A 7.7% value bet placed while celebrating Midsummers Eve by the ocean at a friend’s place. Bet on the go!


ValueBetting with a view! This picture is taken from my backyard. Yesterday, the weather was fantastic, so I decided to go outside and place some value bets using my iPad.

Has anyone of you guys in the community used a tablet for value betting?