Where I stand after 1000 Bets and 5 Weeks

Been a good ride so far and can say that I really believe in the Value Betting concept. The only limiting factor books closing accounts which has started to happen pretty frequently. Any tips how to keep accounts alive is appreciated. I started throwing in some sucker parlay bets in my Bwin and Bet365 accounts because i’ve done so well with them. I think someone mentioned something about using a VPN? Going to try to keep this going as long as possible.

Great numbers! Those first few weeks of VB feel great when you’re rinsing the bookies & getting away with it but soon they do cotton on :frowning:

I’m in the same boat as you mate- been trying to find ways of sustaining volume without losing value after many account closures, unfortunately, it only gets tougher with time. IMO, your best bet (lol) is using rebelbetting as reference and using exchanges or brokers to place your bets and hope they get matched. Not sure about gambling restrictions in regards to exchanges or brokers in Canada though (assuming you’re in Canada).

Or, find friends/family that won’t mind you using their accounts and given them a (small) slice of the £ in return? Then take all measures to maximise the amount of time you have on those accounts as you can. This is some of the stuff I’ve tried anyway- Best of luck!

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Excellent result mate. Would you share your settings?