Which is better?

Hello there guys. I have a question. Say that i have 2k bankroll in a weekend. Is it better play 100 bets of 20$ or 200 bets of 10$ .Have in mind that all bets are 1-3 hours so i will play and more all day after they done.

You will need to join quite a few bookmakers to get 200 bets and they will limit you quite quickly.

I say stick to Bet365 and do 100 $20 bets but to do even 100 bets, you will be betting on some pretty obscure leagues and may be limited quickly.

man its just an example.i just wanna know in terms of valuebet if its better to put less bets with higher betting or more bets with lower betting.and btw in weekends i put around 400-500 bets in 365.

the more bets u make, the better is for the variance

still doesnt answer my question man. Read what i ask. I know that more bets is better i have 20k bets in last 6 months. Thing is its better to put more bets with lower stake or less bets with higher stake?

Theoretically, lots of smaller bets should give you the stablist results i believe.

I think lots of smaller will be better

i do more smaller too but im not sure is better. Cause profit comes from your total turnover / your clv. So place more bets you do higher turnover and then mathces end u place bets again and again so more turnover which i think is better than more bets.More bets only better they offer is lower variance.But if u have smthing tested for months with +ev then i think bigger stakes must be better.I will try it tomorrow and see how it goes.

It all really depends on you bankroll and risk level. The probability is the same irrespective of the bet size. But if your bets are 5% of your bankroll rather than 1%, you run the r8sk of going bust quickly if you hit a bumpy patch.

Personally, ive just had 2 great weeks followed by 2 poor weeks. Id have been ok on bigger stakes because my good patch came first, however if my bad weeks had come first, id have gone bust and lost faith in the system.

Oh u re right about that but im talking about stakes between 1-2%.

the way you originally posted your question it is definitely better with more bets at lower stakes. Eventually you will reach a level where, even with 400-500 bets, you wont be able to place your whole bankroll.
I really don’t understand your last question “But if u have something tested for months with +ev then i think bigger stakes must be better” . You would not bet your whole (or half) bankroll on a single coin-toss even if it was 10% +EV?

Isay that in my currents state playing lower stakes and more bets it has positive EV and im at arounf 14k bets atm.And saying that with smthing that wins with small bets will be better to higher the stake and place less bets cause bets in weekends are 2-3 hours anyway so in 4-5 hours u have money back again and place more.