Why there is so few filters to analyze own betting?

Why these is no possible to filter own reports like “last 5 days of my beeting at x-bookmarker”? And when tracker shows me my avg, why it’s not possible to get those avgs (odds, stakes, values) of timeline that I want to know or bookmarker that I want to analyze?

At this point I curious about my avgs on different timelines because I have made changes to my setups.

I already downloaded also excel from tracker but your excel is made with dots instead of commas, so thats useless.

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@Hanna do you have answer for this?

@Pastori The excel has everything, you just need to convert the cells to numbers.

Thanks for your repply @woodrow190 !

It didnt work for me. I did convert the cells to numbers and I also tried to convert to euros, but still there was dots instead of commas, and thats why it doesnt fix the problem. Or is there possible that I did something wrong when I converted the cells?

I write this down if there is somebody else struggling with the excel sheet. Just converting cells to numbers didnt fix the problem, but still there is solution to fix the problem:

  1. mark the cells where you want to change dots to commas.
  2. press ctrl + f or command + f
  3. press symbol where is three dots or magnifier
  4. press replace
    After that you can choose find “.” and replace “,”
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@Hanna i think this is an easy feature to implement. my suggestion is to just add it to the options page where the user can select a comma or a dot for exporting.

all the best!

For sure it is easy. It would be easy even to add these functions to reports page and then the reports page would serve customers better by helping them to develop

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I agree there needs to be more filters. There’s no where to order things by sport or value%. There’s no way to tell certain bet types even when exporting for example it won’t tell you whether a bet type is just first half or the whole match. Would help if you could sort by specific days as well.