WTF - from £128 down to £59 and still falling 🤦‍♂️

What the actual…

Just the variance playing out - especially with the low volume of bets you have.

And if it’s any consolation I’ve had a crappy week with a lot of losses too. The key is to trust the system and keep laying bets (and update your bankroll in settings so the recommended stake automatically updates)

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Your Yield still roughly matches your CLV so it’s still fine. I think everyone had a rough week. Variance is a bitch :sweat_smile:

Just keep on betting.

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It’s was indeed a tough week but I took all of the advice given. I stopped moaning for a start :man_facepalming::smiley:, then tried to place as many bets as I could everyday. Made it to 80 one day. Now I’m on an upswing so may the winning continue :+1:

Update for any who wish to know… This is me after placing 2000 bets.