Your value bets are about to double!

Exciting ValueBetting improvements coming up…

It’s great to see a record number of members have discovered ValueBetting.
Even better, member profits are also at a record high.

As you know, the average monthly profit increases with the number of bets you place. So you will hopefully be happy that your available value bets are about to double.

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So now we have two versions of Value Betting, the normal and the pro, which will have different prices right? or is the same???

So instead of implementing simple features (that all other value betting sites have) that bring big value to the users (like being able to select what leagues and sports you want to get value bets from, closing line, better reporting, fix bookmakers, etc) you decided to create another plan.

Feels like rebelbetting is trying to milk out as much as possible…

Those features will come as well. We just have to prioritize. And we figured doubling the number of value bets is probably worth more right now.

You’ll get more information about the upcoming changes soon. Stay tuned!

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Have these changes been implemented yet im just about to move money into sportmarket and or betinasia.

Not yet. You will get notified via mail and here on the community when these product changes will take place. :slight_smile:

Any idea when this will be released yet?

I’m interested in the exchange integration. How will this work? Will it only show bets which are available on the exchange, i.e there is sufficient liquidity at the exchange to place the bet and get matched immediately?

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Great to hear that you are interested. We will inform our customers here in the community, and via the newsletter when we’re launching. Thanks for having patience!

Just curious. Is this postponed? Or is there a sort of expected day of release?


Looks like it is coming soon…

Damn…149eur for Pro…they are taking betinasia, sportsmarket, 3et out of regular package and also limiting valuebet % to 7%. Shame imo.

Quick questions :

  • Does the 7% limit affect current subscriptions for this month?
  • Does every bookmaker benefits from this doubling of number of value bets? ie does the number of value bets for Bet365 double or does it just mean there are more value bets in total thanks to some new exchanges?

No. If you’re a customer you will see uncapped value bets.

From the blog post:
The average number of value bets in total actually more than tripled. The exact increase with your bookmakers and leagues might differ, and will fluctuate over time. But during our beta testing period, the number of value bets roughly doubled for all users.

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