1000€ Initial Inv. Is it worth it?

I’ve been betting with the free trial, no matter how I put it I don’t get more than 20–25 bets per day, and it says that the ROI is 180€, while the price for RB is 100€, is it really worth it? How do you guys make it?

What bookmakers and settings are you using? Post a screenshot

What region are you betting from? Timezone matters too but regardless 25 bets daily is small, members avg 40-60 on weekdays with the popular soft books.

I’m from Spain, mainly I see bets in Bet365. I’m using the free trial.
Are there any hours that are key? I try to look for bets from 10:00 to 24:00 but 25 its my maximum per day.
If I buy the plan, will I be able to put 40-60? That would be great