£1000 Profit in appx 2 months so far

So, I started this i think appx mid November on the trial.
A few days in i used a code to get half price on my first month for the pro and started putting a lot of time into this.
I could see some early swings up and down, luckily mostly up.

The upturn seemed to happen when i changed how i did things.
I changed from the default to my current settings which are shown here.
Also, i used my head a little, If i was betting on odds of 2.4 and the fav was 1.4 or similar, i reduced the bet size. So i did not take the bet suggestion all the time. Whether that helped or not i do not know.
I stuck to £5 bets for non fav or close matches and £10 for hot favs sometimes £20.
Now though as i have a bankroll, i am using what is suggested and seems to have accelerated my profit somewhat.

Now, the question is, is it all worth it?
£1000 Profit on its own is not something to ignore, however, let me breakdown as best i can what it takes to achieve what i have personally.

Subscription is now £200 / Month, so whilst my personal experience is less than that due to the half price first month and us already using it will pay less for 3 months aswell.
So based on a new user, the maths would be.
£200 x 3 months (Nov, Dec & Jan) = £600
Each bet takes me about 30 seconds. 2967 bets x 30 seconds / 60 to get minutes / 60 to get hours = 24 hours to make just under 3000 bets
£1000 profit - £600 subs / 24 = £16.6 per hour

If the sub stayed at £160 it would be £21 / hour. How many of us would take such a pay decrease!
Another point for the ludicrous price hike!!!

PLEASE NOTE: That i still have some time left on this month for these figures to be absolutely true, so it can go up or down.
That on its own sounds okay, but the reality is, i live on my laptop and every bet i see i place to the point it is almost addictive.
Is that good for your health, probably not.

Would i do it again? More than likely as i like the idea of making money from betting however, it takes alot of work and time and you will lose lots of accounts.

So up to you if you think its worth the time and effort.

Just thought i would tell you my experience!

Here are my settings:

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If you have made 1k already I would highly recommend to up your stakes to atleast 1% (I use 1.5%)
you will see alot more profit comming in this way.

And yes this might get you restricted faster but you will also get more profit.

So if you want to stay at 5/10€ stakes your account might live 1 or 2 months longer but in the end the profit % will be almost the same so why not speed it up so you have more €/h

I already have upped it mate :slight_smile:

I realised whilst i was upping my bank roll, i wasnt doing by the right amount lol so now my bets are naturally bigger :slight_smile:

Just keep on placing bets man, don’t lose hope !

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Remind me never to come to you for financial advice!
I have been doing really well with my own method but as soon as I stick to the “rules” of rebel betting, this happens!

Of no improvement with the remaining outstanding bets, I’m out of here.
I’ve had variance on my journey so far but this has happened immediately after changing what was working and has wiped 25% of my profit in one day.

You think I am lying to you or what ?

I was only giving advice on how to increase your profit what also means increase the volatility of course.

You need to get used to the downswings on higher bet sizes or otherwise you will never really grow how you would like to.

Nope, didnt think you were lying at all, i had already made the changes before you even said anything. It was a bit of English sarcasm, don’t worry about it :wink:

That’s the reason why I am hesitant as well. €220 is a lot of money. you can save if taking for a year but it still is €1800 for one year. I found another service which only cost €80 per month and €800 for 1 year. So one year with the other service is same as 4 months RB.
But of course I do not know if the software works as good as RB and do not know of its features.

So that are also things for me personally I need to figure out.

Mate…Im in England too…I keep eagerly looking at the Community posts trying to find the consistant profits we all crave.
After 9 months of hopping on to everyones latest craze and being re-assured EVERY SPORT and EVERY MARKET is very profitable Ive decided to stick to what Ive personally done better with and kick out all the shite like non descript Basketball matches etc.
I followed 2 people in the past who made encouraging claims…never see either of them still posting…I believe they doctored the screenshots and foolishly I did what you did…changed my settings and nose-dived for next few days.
In a nutshell, beware of Trojan Horses on this site…and stick to what works for you…as we are all in different timezones, and accessing different Bookies and able to place bets at different times…and some of us are restricted to death…so you cant get the exact returns as other players with th ebest intent .
PS Im not classing SamBuca as this…in case he thinks I am.

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Frustrating isnt it. Dont know what to do for the best.

I get the part where if i keep betting small, the profit wont be very good overall but may keep accoutns slightly longer. I get all that, but not sure i am cut out for the heavy drops lol

There is no such a thing as betting small, IMO, bet what you can a) afford, and b) not lose sleep if you lose

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whats your best markets?

Message me i might have an solution for all the restrictions,