10Bet - Already Being Closed Down?

I signed up and started placing bets yesterday, I opened a new account with 10Bet, placed 1 bet for £25 which won and they limited by account to £0 stake size. I really hope this doesn’t continue or this journey will be a very short one!
I contacted them and they said I was a commercial risk - after a single bet!

Same for me here, I am ValueBetting since 3 months, with good results and no limitations at any of my four bookies I had used so far, added 10Bet today, deposited 100€, placed 5-6 bets and got limited to a Maximum stake of 0.01€, Support also told me, that I would be a financial risk for them and they cannot remove the limitation either…
After such a small number of bets, I‘m a little disappointed about them tbh!