£10k profit after 3.5 months


you are not limited by bookies? How much accounts of each do you have?

I have been hard limited on every bookie in red. I do not multi-account.

Screenshot 2023-12-12 092300

lol ha yes, limited for almost all bookies :confused:

this is my experience too:) ie limited by every soft… except you have the relative luxury of having access to BF sportsbook :slight_smile:
Value betting and Sure Betting is something to view as short term, unless you are prepared to risk violating Bookie T&Cs by betting on accounts opened up by 3rd parties. Its fine until you get caught. In the UK its a serious risk if caught.

Yes, exactly this. For me it’s a good short-term bank builder

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Great results @ObsidianQuartz !

Are you still active?

My BetFair Sportbook account is still only soft limited so I’m doing a bit with that. December has been an awful month!