-12% roi first week, Is this normal?

-12& roi after 540 bets last week. Is. this normal and should I just continue as normal? Kelly 20% otherwise standard settings.

Hello @Carl

Welcome, you’re doing everything right and your Profit will eventually converge to expected profit as you place more bets. Nice avg yield and clv btw😉.

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Yep more than normal, expect 50%+ even drawdowns, 500 bets is also not even a drop in the ocean, you needs 10s of thousands of bets before conceiving any sort of idea of “is this working”

Alright good. Do you recommend to lower the current bankroll when you are in a drawdown or just continue with the original stakes?

You make the current bankroll exactly what it is, so if 500 and you lost 100, make it 400


If you have reserv funds to top up the BR, I would keep the BR at the same level. The actual topping up I would only do if my whole BR is in play and there are plenty of bets available.
There are many different strategies available on how to manage BR.
You can search and check out Rebs own article on it.

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