1XBET considered safe?

1xbet dilivers a lot of bets, is it safe to use them?

I have no problem with them …

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@boss0301 do you have any issue with login through app not web browser?

No I don’t have any problems with the login

do they pay winnings?i heard that 1bet and clone 22bet they don’t and they don’t have a license so is it worth to play with them?

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Many 1xbet users have not been paid, so I prefer not to open any accounts

I think you’re right

I did some arbing a couple of years ago, ending up winning many high odds bets on 1xbet. Even at relatively low monetary sums, they started messing with my odds. Typically, the odds that I saw on the frontpage when not logged in, where much better than those I got when logging in to bet. After this I withdrew successfully, although this was also a lengthy process with a rather complicated id routine.

If Arbitrage Betting is legal, why should 1xbet limit individual stakes and odds? I am quite worried because I have an account with them also. Another problem is rigmaroles on KYC documents especially when withdrawal of winnings is being requested

Here the same. my odds @1xbet are maybe 5% lower than normaly. So that’s why it’s not worth it anymore to bet at 1xbet for me.

I hope my withdraw will be completed in the next hours/days.

Does anyone have alternative bookies for 1xbet @surebeeting?
My list of Arbs ist 99% with 1xbet.

i am betting with:
1xbet (no more)

if u seems to take big value from them, they will void ALL of your settled bets when u withdraw. You can only take the deposited money after a very long, frustrating KYC process. So if you really need to bet on them, bet small, and more doubles, triples.