1xbet is not fetching odds

1xbet is not fetching odds since 7hours ago

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pls inform them they will get back to u

You are not alone, here since 2 days, more since i ve logged to 1xbet from value soft i can’t connect anymore to 1xbet alone (they ve send an alternative link to me)

pinnacle and dafabet as well …… Please do something about it . Try to response as soon as possible . thanks

1xbet is back

@Jason personnaly i’ve never seen only one pinnacle odd, told it to Hanna who answered me that there is no value on the book for the moment, hard to believe.

Isn’t hard to believe. The reason behind this is because pinnacle is one of the sharps bookies they use to. From this odds you get the true odds of the market and any other prices higher than pinnacle, are considered a value odd.

Yes i know that but using differents software you can find sometimes value too on pinnacle, opening odd which are later than most of the books, from what i know you canèt bet what you want on a pinnacle opening odd, this is like 500 euros cause they know the odds can be not really adjusted (it doesn’t last forever) maybe i should wait or a bot is required to profit before the odds dropped (value betting does not propose only one book for any bet, you can find sometimes a list of ten books with different ratio plus or minus value, really sometimes the pinnacle odd should be in when i compare it to the others)

  1. If you found value bets on pinnacle, you are saying that another bookie is more sharp than pinnacle. Because you need the other odd (that is considered the true odd) and pinnacle should be the offline odd.

  2. If you are betting on opening odds, you are taking a huge risk because the closing line can be out of your value, and instead of taking a good value, you can take a very bad odd if the market swing on the other way. This can work as long as you know where the market is going.

thanks for all the infos

I know my lessons but my point is more technical if you ve read me carrefully.

It feels you totally agree with the market efficiency thoery why not but but if i m not too scholar an odd movement is also the reflect of liquidity invested on, some play with it.

So we could agree that some pinnacle odds are value when these are the opening ones, if you bet the risk aversion should not be part of your psychology i think mostly if you know what you are doing.

A good punter take the right odd at the right moment, anticipation is not a default.

I am not here to polemic or alimentate another pinnacle closing odd debates which is a consensus btw.

Jesus Christ rebel betting no respond on email since 27th july
William hill still down

We’re a bit short staffed during the summer holidays, but we reply to emails within a few days. Sorry you had to wait.

Hi, old topic but still valid.
1xbet AND betwinner don´t stand their odds.
It is not a problema with valuebetting, it is the bookmaker cheating…
Other problem, this one is new…
At Bet365, when the value bet appears, the options is not found there.
Example: team x (-0.25 AH)… when you get there, immediatly, there is no -0.25 AH… just -0.5 AH, for example.
I saw this all day today (21th may 2020).
Maybe some tweak must be done.

Be glad it’s just odds where 1xbet and betwinner are screwing you, A LOT of cases where they don’t pay you your money when you want to withdraw. And about bet365, In my own experience Bet365 just changes their lines and markets very fast sometimes especially on lower leagues

Yes, I still don´t have a big problem with them… but I am prepared to :confused:
As 365, they are fast, indeed, but if they are so fast, 5 secs fast, Value Betting is worthless with them :frowning: