1xBet, the easiest bookie to beat?

I have been into valuebetting for 3 months, and 1xbet has been really profitable, because there are so many valuebets there. I’m surprised I haven’t been limited yet.

Is there anyone else that has also been making a lot of money in that bookie?
Also, I’m breaking even at bet365 after 3 months of placing a looot of bets… is someone experiencing that too?

Greetings from Mexico!

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What is your average stake in USD, for curiosity sake?

Don’t know exactly. Between $40 and $45 USD

they will not pay you… thats a reason why they let you bet and win… you can expecty problems when you request withdraw…

This isn’t true.

Si pudiste retirar?

1xbet gives you good odds but it does eventually soft limit your odds. The real headache is withdrawing your funds. It took a month of workarounds and more workarounds and different support agents and extra deposits to be able to withdraw.

You can only withdraw money with the same payment method used to deposit and since I live in Norway deposits need to be made in a VERY workaround way and 1xbet did not support withdraws with the same method as the deposits. To be able to withdraw I 1st needed to deposit 70 USD through USDT crypto, wager all 70 dollars at least once. Contact 4 or 5 different support agents. Give them my personal identification and then finally after a month they let me withdraw my account via USDT

Headache to use, would not recommend

what is not true? :slight_smile: