2 months, 6.1k profit


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Congrats. What are you settings set to?

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These are my settings, I know my max odd is on the lower side, but I like to keep it that way. I never have really bad downswings and I think it’s because of that.

Hockey, baseball and e-sports are disabled


Excellent results! Are you based in the UK? because I might sign up to Bwin if there is quite a few value bets with them!
did you get restricted with any bookies?

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Hey man, I am from Belgium.

Bwin and unibet limited me only after around 500€ profit so I am just sticking with bet365 atm

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I’ve hit 6.1k profit this weekend and a total of 5k profit on bet365 and I got gubbed

whats the most bets you put on at one time on bet365?

Me? I’ve once had 300 open bets on a Saturday

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Little update here,

So with my first bet365 account I got gubbed at 5K profit,

Made a second account that got gubbed after 1 week (800 profit)

my third account died after 2 weeks with 1k in profit.

I was using a never used cellphone, new simcard etc but it seems they keep on catching on to me alot faster as my first account.

Not sure what I am doing wrong, at this paste I am running out of accounts fast. I was thinking I could get 5k per account since the first one lasted for so long.

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I think that was the difference. That the first one was not used for value betting right from the start, that’s why it lasted longer. Or am I wrong and from the beginning it was intended only for the VB? Thanks for this great information.

It was also brand new only used for value betting.

The only thing I can think of is that I started with my first account with only 10€ stakes and with the other accounts I immediately started with 20-25€ stakes.

Not sure if that is something that they check for since 25€ is still quite low.

Great information! Whether it is a small or a large amount for bet365, I cannot judge. But if we factored in that if the variation on the new account was in favor of the player and from the very beginning the Yield started to exceed the CLV, then it could have helped.

Did you use same internet with new accounts?

New phone, new sim card

Thanks for sharing man. First of all congrats !
it’s a very interesting case. Below some tips and reflexions for you:

  • Bet777 and Betfirst are clones of bet365 (that could give you some additional shots !)
  • My initial gambling account (used from before doing value betting) lasted for quite a while because it was a losing account before that. So I guess it had a stamp “loser” for a while, such that they didn’t pay attention. So they took some time flagging it back to a “winning” account. In general it’s advised to “warm up” an account with bad bets (bad combo bets, looking like you are a fan of a specific league and/or teams in big tournaments, whatever looks like normal gambling). Just make sure not to throw significant amount of money since in this case your EV is negative on purpose. Only after warming up trying to hit real value bets may last you longer and compensate more than the lost money. So this answer your questions: if you start on a brand new account and smash it with high bet and only value bets (and loads of profit right away), they will notice: I am sure they can easily filter on their data to spot outliers for new accounts. I don’t think 25€ bucks is necesarilly high, but I believe for new players you may observe that a good chunk starts with smaller bets, so this is maybe looking high for a new account (not sure, just food for thoughts)
  • Something to be careful of too: if you use a brand new phone and sim card but keep using your usual browser (typically if you sync your chrome account on the phone), you are actually still displaying loads of information about who you are (yes the browser can act as an indirect ID card with stuffs like the font used, plug-ins, etc).
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I am from Belgium as well. How are you be able to get access to bet365 as they are not on the Belgians whitelist of approved bookmakers.

Hello fellow Belgian member,

For the IP restriction you can get a prepaid dutch sim card, I use lebara. You can buy that simcard in a dutch Albert Hein or Jumbo.

They have a 13€ plan per month what gives you 10GB data per month, if you then use the 4g on that sim card your IP will be in rotterdam (eventhough you are in Belgium using the data tower from BASE)

For the KYC part you need to get a bit creative for the proof of address :wink:

It’s a bit of a hassle but it’s worth it !

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will take that into account. I am only living 15 minutes of the boarder with holland near to Breda. so that’s something to consider. It maybe also helps that ik have a dutch bank account cause for some online business I have an online bunq account

I use a german N26 account and it also works.

The trickyest part is to get a document with “your BSN number” on it, you need to know someone who already has a document with their name and bsn number on it to be able to upload the edited version to Bet365 since they will ask you when registering.

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:exploding_head: that’s really a good info