2 tennis bets for the same person. First set or match game

Which would be better to bet on?

Some will say the one with the higher odds but if they arent the favourite then the longer they have to play, the higher the chance they have to lose.

So do I bet on first set since its got a luckier chance for the non favourite to win?

Or bet both?

I usually opt for the first set for the exact reason you mentioned - there’s more variance, which is better for longshots.

Glad theres someone out there that thinks a little like me.

But that also now raises the question… When rebel suggests a player to win outright and doesnt show first set aswell. Is it then worth going with first set instead as odds could be the same or only slightly lower and have a decent chance to win.

or put both on :S

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Great question honestly. Wonder if there’s someone out there with a dataset that could answer this

When I have a lot of capital I’ll test it out for us lol

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