2000 bets on Bet365, Stoiximan and Novibet

Hey guys, just reached the 2000 bets and these are my results. Started with a small budget of 500 euros and everything seems normal. Had a couple of weeks of going nowhere, seemed that I was trapped around 200euros profit but now things seem a lot better. Reached 400 and now back at 350. Any thoughts would be more than welcome (for example I was thinking of quitting the basketball bets).

Anyway thank you for your time. Hope you all have a great value betting month!

Thank you for sharing. Can you share how long (when you started) you have betted? Did you do any changes to the default settings? What bookies (screenshot?) do/did you use? I am thinking that your bankroll was on the low side considering the fee of the VBPro.

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Hey Totrashbin, this is a screenshot of the bookies that I use.

I am also on 30% Kelly, 1.5% stake, pretty much the usual options on that end.
I am also trying to put more than 50 bets per day, although the last couple of weeks it is harder, maybe because there are not enough markets. Things look a lot better during the weekends.

p.s. I don’t use VBPro, I am on the basic programme :slight_smile: