24270 bets after (27 353 USD profit)


A short post from me after 7 months of playing (5 intense)

At first I played on crypto1xbit (mirror 1xbit in cryptocurrencies) it was nice, however the blocks started to appear so I gave up and came back to the old good bookmakers (bet365, 5dimes, unibet etc)

Now I will slowly start with sharpies - I have 10 years of experience in playing poker and 8 with bookmaking so variance is my middle name.

I have a question about the difference in CLV profit which I have in the window above the list of played matches and in the “Your betting report” tab - what is it due to?

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see you in 100k bets i will make another post

btw. guys please repair 888sport! its such a good book and not working atm!

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How do you avoid being limited in those soft bookies for 7 months and counting?

I get limits like everyone else. there is no way to not be limited at a bookmaker (unless you win against them in court… I know a few people who did that in Spain and played without limits for 1-2 years on bet365, in the end they got those limits anyway after winning a few hundred thousand euros).

The only thing you can do is to ask your friends ( xD ) to give you access to their accounts which is not legal and may result in blocking your account and confiscation of funds.

1xbet and 888sports again and still not working on rebelbetting…

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What yours settings?

standard, if I have a lot of money on my account I play up to 24 hours, if it is a Saturday I play only up to 3-4 hours because I want to turn the capital as many times as possible.

I play only from 3%, if the odds change then as long as they are higher than 2% I continue to play, odds from 1.4 to 3, all sports

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How much did you start your bankroll with and do you bet Kelly if so what %?

This inconsistency should be fixed now! Let me know if it looks OK @Kamil_Klosowicz.

It could potentially differ a lot in the chart if you used different currencies on bookmakers.

The CLV in the chart might still differ slightly from the CLV Profit at the top of the BetTracker, because the chart uses a quicker query. The number in the BetTracker is the exact one.

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So you use friends account?

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Outstanding! I hope to get there someday!