2k to 10k journey suggestions

Hello guys,

Really good stuff here but a lot of information so I am a little confused.
I am about to start valuebetting so I need some advices.
My starting bankroll is 2000 euros and available bookies, bet365, betano, interweten, bwin, betson.
My goal is to reach 10k before they limited me, so i guess it will take a couple of months.
I have a plenty of time, so which is the best strategy?
(Filter settings, sport, markets, odds, value percentage etc, flat stake or kelly criterion ? )


I think 365, betson and betano should be your main options as they won’t gub as early as the others from your list.

For settings, 4% min edge and <6H(to ensure you consistently beat clv and bet on markets with decent limits - which can prolong account life) time which can be dropped to 3H or less on weekends if there’s volume, 1.5-2.8 odds should do just fine. Now, place as many trades as possible and bet every sport, market, line etc. Kelly staking is better no doubt but i use flat for convenience and speed, totally up to you.