3 months valuebeting pro

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Nice Chart! Are you sticking with default filters?

Thanx for sharing! 120 hrs seems to tie up too much of my bankroll. It would be interesting to know how odds at 2.50 perform, as they are higher than my cautious 2.20 :slight_smile:
Ive got min odds of 1.10 , after taking into consideration what another member said about massive probability of a win…I m doing OK with my filters but always curious how others achieve results. Have you any idea how well the 2.50 odds perform for you? I guess at that rate they only need to be 50% win rate to have great profit.

2.5 odds perform not well, I think odd is too high.

Now I am limited nearly everywhere

ill not bother upping from 2.20 then, thanx. Maybe you should reduce your max odds a little if 2.50 odds are not working out.

I had max odds of 4.0 and that did just fine… Of course the hit rate is much lower but the pay-out is much higher.

I guess its all about risk -reward…I d expect the Kelly to reduce the stakes quite a lot then, so losers dont quickly wipe out the bank?
Ive never bet above 2.25 on anything in my life :slight_smile:

fuken bookies

Yes. Kelly reduces the stake significantly.