30 days without profit

Today marks 30 days that I’ve just been exchanging money with the bookmaker, I’m realizing that the number of value bets that Rebel is decreasing and most of the time when I click on the bookmaker the odds have already changed, I wonder if it’s due to the end of the year



im new here i read the forum to decide myself to buy or not subscription and i see that many people reported the decreasing of profit for some months.
Not sure its still profitable. Betinasia is apparently totally flooded by arbitrers already.
soft bookies are bad because you need hundreds of accounts to survive on them long terme (limitations)

I dont understand why rebelbetting doesnt send a tutorial for beginners to win with their service in non limitable bookies. The subscription is high and forces you to constantly win. Not even sure how they manage all this money transactions without beeing blocked too…

if someone can help, i will be happy to know its still working with reasonnable amount difficulties.

(PS : i alreay done value betting by the past and limited hundred of bet365 accounts, it was a nighmare)