3et bet broker/bookmaker

can anyone share any experience with this bet broker/bookmaker, in particular what is the minimum bet size with them and whether or not they are reliable in terms of withdrawing the winnings from them.
They appear a bit mysterious to me so far. No customer support links within their webpage whatsover. The only “Contact” button appers only before one actually signs in to the account and then disappears. Any questions via this button remained unanswered to me so far.

The lowest stake is 100 Euros. I deposited 500 euros yesterday, made a few value bets, i don’t see any comission. The odds od 1.80 give 80 euros winning.
But the problem is that today the software doesn’t fetch any odds from them anymore. :frowning:
Anyone has the same situation?

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Useful information. Thanks.

Thanks for the info. They do not seem to charge any straightforward commission. However, if you look at their withdrawal conditions, they charge 1% fee for Neteller withdrawals. I find this a hidden commission.
Regarding the odds, I cannot see any either. I know it happens from time time also from other bookies. I suggest you report that to Rebelbetting support.

By the way, have you ever tried to bet at 3et with odds higher than 2,00? Isn’t the minimum stake lower then? I would guess that if the potential win is above EUR 100, the stake might be lower accordingly.

I didn’t. The highest was 1.99 :slight_smile:
I will post here if I try higher than 2.00