400 bets and 300 euro profit!

Around 400 bets and 300 euro profit!
I have learned a lot about valuebetting and I keep history of all my bets (last picture show the best profit area)
Really nice profit from the “2” :smiley:


i have this question for myself maybe you can help me! im a poker player and i understand the value of studying poker! but in value bets i dont see what can i study or the value in studying since we just placing the bets that the software shows! can you explain to me what you mean you learnes a lot about value betting? thanks mate and gl

@brozac Welcome! If you’re a poker player you might know of EV already (expected value). You can read how value is calculated here: How is the value calculated?
Reply in that thread if you have more questions!

This is my graph after over 500 bets.

I wont bet on anything either. It has to be over 2%, over 2.5% if over 1 hour, 4$ if over 2 hours, over 7.5% if over 6 hours. But wont bet if more than 8 hours. I take bets between 1.3 and 3.3. Any tips, I guess a lot of people might have given up after a start like this. Seems im the only one with a graph like this.

What bookmakers and sports?

Hi Simon,

Bet365, marathon, 888, betfair. Nearly always football is all that’s coming up and AH markets. Maybe 5% basketball, 5% baseball.

I dropped WH as nothing has been coming up.

Any ideas?

Yes, check your yield on Betfair. It might be the problem here?
Read this article for more information: value betting on sharp bookmakers

Betfair has been one of my profitable ones (only just). 888 is down 23.8%, marathon down 13.2%. Just keep plugging away I guess. Unless anymore tips. Im going to drop betfair anyway, can do without any extra variance at this stage. I cap myself at 1% betsize and on 30% Kelly as well, hopefully in a week or so I can post a much improved graph.

Just wanted to give a little update and this should show some encouragement to anyone starting out on a downswing. The graph above was the low point at 500 bets, but now at 950 bets things have been looking better. I didnt really change anything. I stopped using betfair (which was profitable, but could increase variance a little). Otherwise i just was unlucky to start on the downwards side of a trend.


Well this happened quicker than expected and to think after 500 bets i was close to calling it quits.

1400 bets in and i’ve doubled my starting balance. Keeping to 30% kelly with no more than 1.5% of my bank on a single bet. I managed to get down 130 bets yesterday while looking after 2 poorly kids, the bets were endless, i could change my rules so i only bets on margins of 2.5% or higher within the hour or 3% or higher within 2 hours…the bets kept flooding in, nearly all on marathon or bet365. I’ve turnt over nearly £17k with a 5.89% yield. Im only about 1 month in and for the last 2 weeks ive only bet on the weekends. I know ive been running lucky, just waiting for the downswing to start but im just hoping for a steady ride with no big swings.


good luck for you mate
I also post my result, but i think its still on moderation

Posted now, no idea why it got stuck in moderation queue.

Fantastic results guys! :metal: