888Sport Bonus is a scam

Hello everyone. I am writing this article to express my anger with 888Sport and to get some answers.

The story goes like this. I oppend an account with 888Sport 2 months ago. Of course I deposited maximum amount to get the bonus (1000 dkk). Since 888Sport has one of the hardest requirements to pass I had to have a turnover on 2x (2000dkk) to get the bonus which I did quite fast. After this first stage, you need to get a turnover of 5x(5000dkk) to “keep” your bonus. Ofc, these have minimum odds, but they do not pose a problem. After 2 months I had 12k turnover on them so I passed everything. To my suprise they took away my bonus few days ago.
I got in contact with the support and asked why. Their response was something along these line.
" You play the 1000 bonus once you do not have more of your money to bet…" And what I understand was that I had to lose my money in order to play with their bonus so it adds towards the requirements. Which is a huge scam if you ask me.
Has anyone encountered the same problem ?
I am so mad because I am counting on taking the free money from those dirty bookies.
With all due respect, F 888Sport.

No. I have never heard that. Have you read the T&C for bonus? Does it say something to that effect?

I did not read the T&C for the bonus. I read the rules on the campaign page. Do not know if they have any T&C on the bonus.

Sup NoObish, I would stay far away from this bookie. My account was short lived as they banned me from betting within a few days. What makes it worse is that they claim (in their opening screen) that I have made winnings of over 99k SEK over last year. Not sure if they have mixed up my account with someone else or if they are gathering info from other bookies. Either way its not good… :woozy_face:

The terms state as support says. You can’t wager bonus cash while you have a cash balance.
The way to get around it is to tie up all your cash in a large bet a week or two into the future and wager your bonus cash during that time. It’s not a scam it’s just a tricky offer if you don’t know how to play it.

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So far I am good with them, no mix ups yet. I sure hope I will not heve any. Hope your problem will be solved soon.

Well, you may be right it is tricky, it is clearly designed for those people who lose money on sports bet. But for us value bettors, the way it is designed is a scam. Not in the way of not giving the money (I know they give it, I also had it) but by the tricky rules.
Not complaining about 888Sport because I am still in profit. I was just mad at them and wanted to put it up there and see what people think.
This could be a good post for other people who want to take on 888Sport.