888sport impressions

does 888sport give a lot of matches a day? because from what I have seen, the impressions have been positive, but I have not seen any matches today that I added to the options

Hey, what are your results so far on 888(number of bets and profit) also, have you been limited? And on average how many bets do you get daily on 888sport

I havent used it. I would like to hear from anybody that use 888sport

888sport bought Kambi from Unibet. But, generally 888 offer lower odds than Unibet. However, they still have some errors and out-of-line odds. But, they limit winners very quickly to pennies. And, they would still let you bet huge sum on 0.001-0.01 odds to ruin you and still say, “no, we don’t have any limit active on your account.”

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