888sport, Unibet and Paf not returning any bets

Thank you for the new web product for value betting! I have been able to place around 1700 value bets.

I have now tested a few different bookmakers and some I get a lot of value bets from. But from some I have never gotten even 1 single bet from in over 10 days. The ones I’m right now are most interested of these who doesn’t seem to work are 888sport, Unibet and paf. Are the streams really working for these? I strongly suspect something is wrong with these and probably for several more bookmakers.

Do you have procedures that will alert you if there seems to be problems with getting data/value bets from each bookmaker? Because I suspect that if I will tick each bookmaker and say I want value bets with, let’s say, at least 0.1 % in value and then test for 1 week there will be several that will not return a single value bet. Even though I’m very thankful the majority that seems to work :slight_smile:

Im having the same problem. Kambisites was my primary betting sites earlier, but for over a month, not a single bet since.
Rebelbetting said earlier that they was working on it.

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No bets from Betonline? Can you check into this please!

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