A good ValueBetting start (currently over 11000 bets)

kaavio3 !

Odds: 1.2 - 3.1
Min value: 4%
Time to start: 12 hrs
Kelly: 30%

Max stake: First 1000 bets it was 10€, after that 20€, currently 50€
I have disabled over/under market, Rugby, and American football.

On average I place 40 bets per day. I bet on everything I can.


Great results @Jakob! :grinning:

Hi Jakob,

How’s it going for you? Any updates to share regarding your progress? :slight_smile:

Sure, why not. Almost at 4000 bets.


Current setting:
Odds: 1.2 - 3.1
Min value: 2%
Time to start: 48 hrs
Kelly: 30%
Max stake: 50€

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That’s great! Thanks for the update. :partying_face:

Hi would you mind to tell me the bookmaker you guys are using for this result?

Thanks a lot for Sharing Jakob. I have some queries below:

  1. May I know how many Bookmakers needed at the beginning to achieve your goal?

  2. And what’s the Bankroll needed for each Bookmaker to achieve your goal?

Ok I’m a beginner, which is the best 3 bookies to choose from for valuebet? Can I partition my bankroll as below? And if I do that below, what may be the estimated return per month? Can I achieve a 20% return of my bankroll? Below bankroll is $1000, return $200/mth? Possible?

$400 - Bookie 1
$300 - Bookie 2
$300 - Bookie 3

i have used unibet/bwin/sbobet/betfair 6500 bets here the results from gam

bling betting

Why is your Profit sliding down to negative after 6500 bets?

Thanks for the Suggestion Jakob.

I’ll start with the 3 mentioned bookmakers as you suggested.

And is there a maximum bankroll we can invest doing valuebetting? Can we just put in $1,000,000 and the next few months our investment turned into $3,000,000?

but overs 2.5 trading 12% yield


Do you mean the probability is no longer working after 6500 bets?

How do you know it’s limited at 6500?

And if it doesn’t work, why are you keep doing it after 6500 until your account turns into a negative loss?

or it works or not…in long run valuebetting on soft bookies do not works
do y know why because y got limited
i think y want to make profits in long run…

Hi Jakob,

1 What was your bankroll to make a profit of EUR 2665?

  1. Can I first start with a Bankroll of $1500/3 bookie=$500 each. And if it’s working well then somewhere in the middle I’ll top up the Bankroll to $5000/3=$1666(add for each bookie) and continue betting?

so have you tried valuebetting on sharp bookies?
and make profits in a long run?

Ok. But Jakob I’m still waiting for the answer from the above post. You haven’t replied my bankroll question. Look forward. Tq

Hi Jakob, Thanks for the guide. However 3 Questions below:

  1. You mean you started with $1000 and grew your account to $4000? That’s 400% Profit. Is that real?
  2. Do you mean the first 1000 bets=$10, next 1000 bets=$20, and next 1000 set to $50?
  3. Should I change the kelly as well?



548% ROI… nothing more to add :smiley:


Have you adjusted your settings again recently? Where are your basics right now? Defaults haven’t been great for me lately, so looking to see if folks are using other numbers to be this successful.