A good ValueBetting start (currently over 7500 bets)

Do you mean the probability is no longer working after 6500 bets?

How do you know it’s limited at 6500?

And if it doesn’t work, why are you keep doing it after 6500 until your account turns into a negative loss?

or it works or not…in long run valuebetting on soft bookies do not works
do y know why because y got limited
i think y want to make profits in long run…

Hi Jakob,

1 What was your bankroll to make a profit of EUR 2665?

  1. Can I first start with a Bankroll of $1500/3 bookie=$500 each. And if it’s working well then somewhere in the middle I’ll top up the Bankroll to $5000/3=$1666(add for each bookie) and continue betting?

so have you tried valuebetting on sharp bookies?
and make profits in a long run?

You can… but please read the help page from HERE and try to understand how valuebetting works first. You’ll find all your answers there.

And about the ID thing. If you are using a bookmaker that is only available in Germany, you need to have a German passport. Otherwise, you won’t be able to withdraw your money. Simple as that.

Ok. But Jakob I’m still waiting for the answer from the above post. You haven’t replied my bankroll question. Look forward. Tq

As you have probably seen from the help section, bankroll determines your staking strategy. I started with 1000€ and had a max stake at 1%, while kelly at 20%. That helped to reduce variance.

Your bankroll of course increases when you make a profit. My bankroll is now 4000€ because of my profits.

Hi Jakob, Thanks for the guide. However 3 Questions below:

  1. You mean you started with $1000 and grew your account to $4000? That’s 400% Profit. Is that real?
  2. Do you mean the first 1000 bets=$10, next 1000 bets=$20, and next 1000 set to $50?
  3. Should I change the kelly as well?
  1. Yes and it’s 300% ROI
  2. Yes https://www.rebelbetting.com/faq/adjusting-your-bankroll-while-betting-to-reduce-variance
  3. https://www.rebelbetting.com/faq/kelly-criterion-for-stake-sizing



548% ROI… nothing more to add :smiley:


Have you adjusted your settings again recently? Where are your basics right now? Defaults haven’t been great for me lately, so looking to see if folks are using other numbers to be this successful.

Mostly default. I never change the settings to achieve better results, only to get more or fewer bets. I have disabled over/under because it has a little bit lower value and I still get enough bets. But don’t get me wrong, there still are profits in the over/under market.

In my opinion, the ideal settings are the ones where you turnover 100% of your bankroll during the time you had for betting.

If you want to reduce variance set min value to 4%, max odds to smth under 3, and kelly to 20-25%. In long term, this won’t be the best way to maximize your profits.

There haven’t been many member results lately so I decided to do another update.

As you can see I’ve reached 10 000€ :partying_face:

This really shows how important it is not to withdraw any winnings and to update your bankroll every time it changes significantly.

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Thanks for the update Jakob, I was about to inquire about it :slight_smile: Impressive result, don’t understand how could you hit 1000% ROI…

Were you limited by either of the soft bookmakers?

Exponential growth also applies to sports betting. Every time I make a profit my stakes increase = next time I make more profit.

Let’s say you double your bankroll every 2000 bets. Your starting bankroll is 1000€

After 2000 bets - Bankroll 2000€

At 4000 bets - 4000€

At 6000 bets - 8000€

At 8000 bets - 16 000€

At 10 000 bets - 32 000€

At 20 000 bets - 1 024 000€ :sweat_smile:

Of course, at some point, you will hit the max stake limits and because of variance, it’s not this straightforward.

I have been limited on about 30 bookmakers. Luckily there are so many bookies and clones that I can still keep going. I also avoid all the smaller leagues and follow these steps. But I have to admit that my daily bet amount is not near as good what it was at the beginning. Luckily higher stakes compensate for this.

Im impressed.

Im 600 bets in and havent moved out of the spot basically. It is kind of depressing!

I know the feeling.

Seems that your last 2 weeks have been poor and you had one really bad downswing. It happens.

Eventually, your results will get close to CLEV.

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Thanks for the prompt reply!

I usually recalculate my bankroll in a monthly basis OR if it changes by 25% in either way. I have different amount of bankroll at every bookmaker I am registered at so I need to manually recalculate the bet shown by RB.

To avoid limitation I also follow the steps collected under the link you copied there. Additionally I transfer weekly 10% of my profit to Casino games and play slots in a daily basis. Eventually I expect to be limited at some point and wondering which are the clones of Bet365, 10Bet where I could keep going?

I’m happy to share my results from a bit different perspective. Hope it’s not an issue copying my result here. Let me know otherwise, I will move my post to a different topic then :slight_smile:


The regular one:


Some bookmakers are excluded from the diagram above that are included in the RB statistics. I don’t follow those bookmakers, focusing on the five mentioned in the table above.


Bet365 doesn’t have clones, but you can use your friends’ or relatives’ accounts. This of course applies to all bookmakers.

10bet (Sbtech) has a lot of clones. Most of my bets are for Sbtech.

You should check out: List of Clone Bookies

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