A heads up - Titanbet

I got locked and closed from some bookies

  • Marathonbet just limited my bets to $1, so it was an invite to leave. They let me withdraw my money;
  • Sportingbet limited my bets to low values too, so I withdrew my money;
  • Partypoker (I think is mirror of sportingbet) did the same, limited my stakes, so I withdrew my money, no problem;
  • 1xBet (bad reputation), LOWERED the odds for me. The same bets done by a friend of mine, in another account, have odds aroung 10% higher, so I bailed out. The withdraw process was a pain, but, in the end, I got my money;
  • 888sports just closed my account. After a painful documents processe, my money came to my bank;
  • 10bet just said they were getting out of Brazil (my country) and close my account. After some time, money in the bank;

And I have Titanbet.
I started there with 150 euros, then they became 214 euros, then they closed my account. I asked why, they just said is their prerrogative. Ok, I understand, bookies don´t want to lose. Then, a painful documents process to get my money withdraw… since October 26th. They asked me to take a photo of my full arm holding my ID and my face within the pic. My cellphone is not the best, I don´t like to have the best but the good… so, I tried and tried to take the picture as they requested… Every photo was “not accepted”. I have a collection of crazy poses photos holding my ID, with my full arm and my WTF face… then, after a month, they accepted 1 photo. Because I tweaked with my cameras to get the best pic ever.
So, around mid november, they accepted my picture and asked my Ecopayz account to deposit my money.
Today is Dec 14th, I sent at least 3 emails since the “acceptation”, and they just don´t answer…

Last one:

I am sorry but it seems you guys just closed my account and kept my money, without any reason given…
My account is blocked since 26/10/20!
I sent every document you asked me… You guys even asked my Ecopayz account number ( ---------- ) to send me the money… then nothing!
I think is pretty unfair from your company!
Please, give me some news!

It was yesterday. So, maybe, Titanbet is the only bookie that openly robbed me :smiley:
Sure, I still hope the money appears. I will push them for that… It is not even about the money anymore, it is about accountability.
Soon, I will start a social network buzz about them…

So, I hope nothing like this happens with other people here, giving a heads up.


After my last email, they gave me the money :smiley:
So, I cannot say Titanbet robbed me anymore!

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Guy try Kenyan bookies even thou its hard to find arbs they never lock anyone account’,i have never had anyone account’having been blocked