A little JavaScript Function to simulate a week/month/year of +EV betting

Here is a very simplified function to simulate +EV betting for x bets with x amount of initial bankroll applying x % CLV/EV staking x percentage of the current bankroll.


  • No Kelly - just a fixed, user-defined stake size of x % of the current bankroll
  • Only 50/50 bets
  • Every bet is instantly settled

Just to give you a feel of the possible variance in x amount of bets and possible profits/losses.
There is, however, a tendency for less variation if you use similar settings, but with a kelly factor. That’s one of its biggest purposes.

How to run it:
Go to

choose your input parameters and click the button :slight_smile:

I encourage you to simulate the outcome with the same parameters a lot of time to get a feel for variance. Then change some settings and keep hammering the button again to observe changes to variance width.

User input:

  1. Number of total bets simulated
  2. CLV in %
  3. Stake size of current bankroll in %
  4. Initial bankroll

Output (Example with standard parameters):

Wins: 1009
Losses: 991
Max. Uprise: 125 %
Max. Drawdown: 42 %
Highest Bankroll: 2251
Lowest Bankroll: 576
Current Bankroll: 2119
Initial Bankroll: 1000
Expected Profit in %: 60 %
Current Profit in %: 112 %
Expected Profit: 600
Current Profit: 1119

Enjoy! :smiley: