A new way of thinking about value betting - just personal opinions

I’ve been using VB for 1 and a half months, and I’ve made a lot of money and lost a lot. In August, I restarted a new plan (including new VB forms and initial funds) and thought about a new strategy based on the profit and loss situation.

To get to the point, my suggestion is:

  1. Don’t renew your funds every day, update your earnings regularly (it can be renewed for a period of time, or renewed every 25% of your earnings, of course, the percentage of your earnings is determined by yourself).

  2. If there is a loss in a certain cycle, update your funds immediately. If a cycle is always profitable, wait until the end of the cycle to update its own earnings

My reason is:

  1. When we make money, we always make less money, but when we lose money, we make the most money.

  2. When we make money, our odds are usually less than 2.0, but when we lose money, we lose 100%.

For instance:

We invest $100 each time we have a capital of 10,000 (assuming that the amount of the single note does not change in the short term), with an average odds of 1.85. We will earn $850 if we win 10 orders in a row.

When our capital grows to $19,000, assuming that we invest $190 per unit (proportionally), losing $1,900 on 10 consecutive orders. It’s likely to wipe out all of our previous earnings.

But if every 25% increase in our capital updates the total funds on the vb, then our VB shows that the funds are $1500, 150 for each single investment and $1500 for 10 consecutive losses, which adds a lot of opportunities to us. (Maybe it’s my bad luck, I’ve experienced several times before that, so I’m only in 8. The plan was rescheduled in January.

But it also has the disadvantage of slowing down your profit rate when you win, and the specific cycle length is uncertain. This is just a new way of thinking.

Finally, forgive me for my poor English. This article was written with the help of translation software.
Here’s the VB chart for August

Great results so far!

The Kelly criterion is great to use as your staking strategy, it helps you bet slightly more when you’re winning, and slightly less when you’re in a downswing. If you update your bankroll regularly and follow the Kelly staking, you cannot go broke!

I hope I understood you correctly (Google translate is not perfect).