A normal downswing or a settings problem?

I’m comfortable with risk and occasional loss. I’m just concerned about the persistent downtrend trend and wondering if I’m the problem in some way. Anything I should change?

(Graph and stats)

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Using ValueBetting Starter
US Bettor
Seven enabled books
Default settings across the board

I also have a really hard downswing and it have been going worse and worse. The last two weeks are really bad. I know all about variance and what it means but it’s very hard to keep motivated when it’s just eating your bankroll and it feels like you just throwing away your money. Hope it turns soon otherwise I will end my subscription after this month unfortunely.

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it is so bad , i think not downswing already have 6500 bets , simon told me i am staking wrong every bet 1 point now i am doing kelly % and now i am negative