A questoon about CLV

Hey guys, I’m using this platform for 1 month. I was wondering… Since there’s times when you place a bet, the value actually drops after that, is it a good idea to check the CLV before every match and if it’s negative, just cashout?

That is a poor idea. There are claims that bookmakers limit you faster if you do that (that needs to be confirmed; I did it at some point with my first B365 acct and it still lasted to a big profit) and ,IMHO, it just takes too long time/effort. By the time you have checked , lets say 50 bets in play (and if you do not have at least, as a daily average, 50 bets in play you are not putting down enough bets) you could have put down another 10-20 bets. On the positive side it WILL raise your yield.