A value betting questions

I focus on soccer and one or two sportsbook.
I use robots to bet.
My question is:
If I save all the tips before the match start.When my sportsbook’s odds change to confirm the tips. I bet all the tips in one sportsbook is the same principle, right?

Not sure if I understand your question. Your bets (“tips”) get saved by the software, you don’t have to save it separately (not sure what you meant by “save”).

You play the bets at the bookmaker if the odds still have value (positive value %). If odds is shown 1.94 by RB software and it is 1.94 at the bookmaker, go ahead and play it. If it is lower you should check if there is still value in it.

Thanks man.
“save” in my words means I save it into my database.
Because of some sports book I don’t have and the odds change is frequencyl.
So my question is:The RB software tips me bet on sportsbook A at 1.94,But I don’t have a sportsbook A. So I save the tips.When the same odd happen on my sportsbook B, So I have the same value.
Am I correct?

I’m no expert, but I guess that if you «save» a «tip» from RB until later there’s no way to know if it still have value because the sharp odds (real odds) probably have changed too.

This is what I don’t understand the value betting principle.
In statistic. I bet 1.94 on sportsbook “A” is the same as I bet 1.94 on sportbooks “B” just three hours later.
Am l right.

saving odds not going to work most of the time. some odds fluctuate up some down. we looking for events with higher odds then odds at start of the game. basically when odds going up over time u may bet on -ev event

Thanks for reply。
But it’s still not figure out my confused.

How to use robot to bets?

somewebsite offer API

can you explain me or send me link

I’m sorry, if you can’t code, it’s difficult to explain.