A wish for ”improvement”

Hi guys! First time writing here so would like to start of by saying thanks for providing this excellent service. Been using it for over a year and is currently about 200 000 kr in profit so happy times!

I have lately started to look at the Sharp markets and keeping a record for the markets that I would be interested in trying to beat. Therefore I have some questions or rather request for small changes in the software that would make my life a bit easier.

The first one would be if it’s possible to add a option that takes away the match on only the bookmaker when it’s logged? Example: log a first set winner in a tennis match on bet365, it then hides all the other bets och that match on bet365 but the match and the logged bet is still vissible on betfair exchange if there is favourable odds. Right now I’ve had to use the ”Current bookmaker” option but it shows alot of markets for the same match and it can make me place 2 bets in the same match on the same bookmaker example first set and matchwinner. I rather not do that for the variance and I feel like an option like this wouldn’t be to hard to make? (Hopefully) Almost like the ”current bookmaker” but take away the whole match on that bookmaker when a bet is logged.

Next I wonder if it would be possible to put the sportfilter in the filter section instead so you could choose soccer, tennis and hockey on bet365 and only soccer on example unibet? For me atleast this would be a good thing to easier filter the markets and sports you would like to get access to on the specific bookmaker.

Maybe this has been asked before but I had to give it a try and hopefully it can be done. Thanks once again :slight_smile:


Thanks for your feedback! Much appreciated. I’ll forward this to the team and we’ll see what we can do.

Regarding filters - yes we have plans for many improvements in that area.

Thanks again!